Since the earliest days of computer modeling, countless 3D artists have painstakingly attempted to realistically recreate the infamous Dealey Plaza, site of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s horrific murder on November 22nd, 1963. These days, anyone can explore Dealey Plaza on Google Earth and Google Street View. Use the image below and have a look around.

3D models of the JFK murder scene have been presented in countless television programs, film documentaries, and publications, often used to explore the possibility or impossibility of the single bullet scenario. The legendary PBS series Nova, was the pioneer in the field, using this wireframe model of the murder scene for their special on the Kennedy assassination.

Most recently, the effects wizards behind the blockbuster comic book adaptation The Watchmen created this eerily accurate composite shot, mixing live elements with a high definition 3D model of Dealey Plaza.

Some 3D artists such Dale Meyers have won Emmies for their recreations of the murder scene.

Others such as the designers of JFK Reloaded, an ill-fated interactive simulation of the assassination, have been driven into obscurity, shunned and shamed by the mainstream media, JFK research community, as well as the Kennedy family itself. The “game” was a challenge to players to recreate the shooting that Oswald was accused of. The player controls the Book Depository Shooter in a fashion similar to violent “First Person Shooters” such as Halo, Doom, or Half-Life.

Countless amateur 3D modelers have taken a crack at recreating Dealey Plaza.

The Google 3D Warehouse has become a place where 3D artists can share their models of Dealey Plaza, and specific buildings within that vicinity. The author of this site was the first to post such a model, which is an artistic “rendering” of the famed plaza.

With each advancement in 3D modeling technology, droves of 3D modelers will surely continue to create recreation after recreation, and computer technology will continue to educate subsequent generations of history students attempting to sort out what happened in Dealey Plaza.

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  1. Dale Meyers has probably the most accurate model but he also has a few huge mistakes in his conclusions.

    Since you apparently are ready to model the truth, we need to talk. I can’t win any argument unless I supply information that is simple to understand and stands scrutiny in that it meets a few criteria:

    1. Witnesses agree that is what they saw and heard

    2. The government’s “evidence” can be shown to be fraudulent

    3. It makes sense.

    Why has the BIG LIE existed so long? It is no accident, our government has spent a lot of our money keeping this lie alive so long.

    It’s time everyone knows the truth. Everyone can know the truth, it starts with seeing that the last two shots were fired a split second apart. After that the lie falls apart quickly.

    Bill Charleston

  2. The big lie existed so long, because the basis of the american culture, freedom for plutocrats and cleptocracy without any limitation for possession, is a big lie in itself. What we need instead is worldwide guaranteed minimum and maximum income and the-more-income-the-more-social-duties.

  3. FSHG says:

    I feel sorry for Christoph – Instead of a Free country, he sure sounds like he must live in a Communist or Socialist-neo-Communist country!

    MOVE Christoph!

    BTW, my relative who was in Dealey Plaza tells me that the shots were fired at:

    Z-148 fired from Daltex roof = silenced and sabot used – but Kennedy’s and Connally’s heard the close, near-miss bullet shockwave – JFK reacted first with his headsnap (from 155-158), then Connally headsnap (162-166), then Jackie headturn (169-190)

    Z-186 fired from the TSBD 6th floor east window = audible – fired through opening in the tree foliage and heard by everyone to sound like a “firecracker” or “car backfire” – malfunctioned “short charge” bullet that trajected low and impacted JFK low on his back but did not exit.

    Z-220 fired from Daltex roof = silenced and sabot used – barely misses JFK’s now-turned forward head and impacts Connally near his back right armpit, smashing his 5th right rib and right wrist, embedded in left thigh

    Z-283 fired from north grassy knoll picket fence = audible – because JFK obviously still not hit in the head, this was an “insurance shot” that barely missed JFK and strikes grass near Jean Hill (read near the end of her WC testimony)

    Z-310 fired from TSBD 6th floor east window = audible – kills JFK instantly when it strikes him in back of head with 1 skull bone fragment shooting downward and out JFK’s throat front, and, 2 later found inside limo bullet fragments causing damage to inside limo surfaces of its windshield and windshield chrome frame, and 1 bullet fragment barely clearing over the windshield frame and going down range 275′ to hit the Main Street south curb and throw up a shard of cement that stings James Tague on his right facial cheek.

  4. Dr. D. says:

    ” … worldwide guaranteed minimum and maximum income and the-more-income-the-more-social-duties ”

    Spoken like a looney-far-left socialist-communist CM.

    Nothing is guaranteed. To think otherwise is clinically self-delusional.

    1. julie says:

      dr d do you think the same now ?? far left loonies or far right loonies deserve to be shot so much for your democracy your an idiot

      1. author337 says:

        YOU’RE an idiot. I’m not calling you one, I’m just correcting your spelling.

  5. duaego says:

    FSHG . . .Your “relative’s” description of the event is about 275 degrees out of whack. It is frequently like that with eye witness testimony; but, more often within arm chair conversation. Cousin Boob missed one complete rifle shot and, is claiming the one pistol shot is from a rifle. Secondly, there was no gunman on the Dal-Tex Building . . . only two motorcade spectators. Obviously, missing the professional sniper on the County Records Building, leaves no credit for any of the other opined shots. Once just one shot or component is misplaced or the time is misrepresented, the entire exercise/experiment is back to square one.

  6. Limitation of poverty and richness has nothing to do with socialism but all to do with fairness. But I admit that guaranteed incomes or income limitations don’t work in this world, because this world is not fair.

    It’s clear that JFK was not murdered by a lone gunmen, but by James Files and Charles Nicoletti on the order of Sam Giancana, and that the former top CIA assets like David Atlee Phillips and Ed Lansdale and Howard Hunt ordered a lot of anti-Castro exile cuban fighters and more to Dealey Plaza that day to have plenty of people to make the scapegoat for any scenario.

  7. julie says:

    yes thanking you my mistake =)

  8. To the owner of this website: Are you still interested in pursuing the ultimate 3D model?

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