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Has Assassination Agnostic piqued your interest in the JFK Assassination? Do you need additional resources to continue your research and decide if you believe in the Big Bang of Back and to the Left or the Intelligent Design of the Magic Bullet? Here are some links to a wealth of resources regarding the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. From the government’s official reports on the assassination, to the independent research of hardworking civilian parties, Assassination Agnostic is pleased to offer a guide to some of the resources you may need to continue your research.

Warren Report and Commission Volumes
House Select Committee On Assassinations Report and Documents
Critique of the Critics
JFK Film Footage
Critics of the Official Story
Critics of the Official Story


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  1. Please call me as I have published a book concerning the assassination that you may wish to view. It’s called Something Small that Saved Us All, available

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