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  1. scgator2001 says:

    Many of the questions you explore on these videos can be definitively answered, not guessed but proven beyond any doubt.

    The first thing you must understand is that you have been lied to in 1963 and you are lied to today. How do you prove that? It’s much easier than you can imagine but you have to find information that could not have been altered by any conspiracy, no matter how powerful it was.

    James Tague had a very important observation but if you ask him what it means, he has no idea. I know because i have asked him. That observation is common to several of the most important witnesses but it is buried by conspirators; it had to be or else you would have known the truth decades ago.

    When you have totally independent information telling you exactly the same thing, you can then look at probabilities to see how credible the alignment is. And here is where the truth is going to rock you.

    Bill Charleston

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