Corn Pop Malarky

History has settled for Joe Biden. I wish him luck.

It’s a silly tale of a man touted for his broad appeal who somehow never won a primary. And then that fateful February in South Carolina, Joe Biden started winning everything in sight. By year’s end, Joe Biden had received more votes than any President in American history. In fact, when you think about it, Joe Biden has received more votes than any person in the history of the planet Earth. I mean, when has there been an election bigger than this?

It’s a number so astronomical that some of those who are disappointed by its outcome cannot accept it to be real. To the conspiracy theory-prone public, Joseph Biden winning more votes than any human being in history seems crazier than a communist sympathizer in Texas bulls-eyeing the leader of the free world with a cheap Italian rifle or a couple religious whack-jobs with box cutters toppling the Twin Towers.

The deep state has not conjured a coup to take this country from you. They don’t need to. Pharmaceutical companies, news media organizations, and tech billionaires aren’t trying to steal anything from you because they already have it. The GOP knows the real fraud is already in place. They have abused the good faith of our democracy to secure an unearned autocracy in America for a generation.

They will call Joseph Robinette Biden the President of the Deep State. That’s a bunch of malarky. Old Joe Biden doesn’t have much of an ideology, but if there’s one thing he’s touted his whole long political life it’s the idea of fairness. And Joe Biden won the Presidency fair and square.

I fear the 2020 election will be perceived by many as the Kennedy Assassination of the 21st Century. A “counter myth” will emerge that Trump’s Presidency was taken down by shadowy government forces. The difference is Trump is both the subject of the conspiracy theory and the theorist himself. He is Kennedy and Jim Garrison. He is the World Trade Center and the Truther. But remember. Donald John Trump is not the victim of the conspiracy. He is the perpetrator.

I’ve sometimes wondered why I’ve spent so many years studying Kennedy Assassination conspiracy theories and those who promote and believe in them. Now I know why. It was for this moment. Big lies are like pandemics. You learn from the last one to face the next.

Nothing would make me happier than a vast conspiracy to take down Donald Trump. If it turns out to be true, sign me up. But we don’t need one. He lost the Presidency fair and square.

Can Trump Still Sue His Way Out of Trouble? - POLITICO Magazine

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