We Were Right

Someone pointed out to me that the media has been relatively silent on this 52nd anniversary of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas, Texas. No new documentaries on TV, no headline articles, nothing. Maybe it’s because it’s not a significant anniversary. But here’s another theory: the media is embarrassed that they’ve been defending a lie for 52 years, have finally been exposed and won’t admit it.


Americans have the tendency to point out the one sane person in the room and call her the crazy one. When Congresswoman Barbara Lee cast the ONLY VOTE to oppose the Bush Administration’s disastrous “War on Terror” everyone acted like she was insane. Turned out she was the only sane one. When intelligence analyst Russ Tice told the world that the NSA was spying on ordinary Americans in 2005, he was a laughing stock. Turned out he was completely right. When journalist Gary Webb wrote a series of articles claiming the Reagan Administration had effectively caused the American cocaine epidemic by funding the Contras in Nicaragua he was called a crackpot. His career in tatters, Webb eventually committed suicide. Turns out, you guessed it, he was right all along.

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From the minute the Warren Report was released, most Americans sensed there was more to the assassination of President Kennedy than just one guy acting alone in a vacuum. Ordinary people knew there was something they were hiding from us. For years however, the mainstream media has ridiculed people for arriving at this conclusion, painting anyone who attempted to question the government’s story as some whackjob. False equivocations occurred and those who challenged the Warren Report were compared to people who believed that the Earth was flat and lizard people live underground. And it worked. People thought we were nuts. But guess what? We were right all along.

If you’ve read any of the content on this site, you know that my general theory is that although there is no hard evidence that anyone other than Oswald fired the shots that killed Kennedy, there is substantial evidence to prove that a conspiracy occurred to hide the true circumstances of the murder. This stance on the case can best be summed up in this line from my 2013 short film Orphans of Camelot:

“Even if there was no conspiracy to kill Kennedy, there was most likely a conspiracy to cover-up the circumstances of his death.”

Seems like a fairly reasonable stance right? I’m not saying there was a massive conspiracy to kill the President, just that someone was conspiring to conceal what was really going on at the time. Still, whenever I explained this stance, people looked at me like I was telling them I had that Stanley Kubrick directed the Moon landing on a soundstage in Burbank. People introduced me to strangers as a “conspiracy theorist.” When I told them I was actually more of a conspiracy debunker and only dealt in conspiracy facts, I just seemed like more of a nutjob. I believe the Shakespeare quote is something along the lines of “the lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

So it goes.

And then last month a news story began circulating concerning recently released CIA documents which prove, from the horse’s mouth, that what I described in my documentary IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. That’s right, the CIA admitted that they concealed what they really know about Oswald and the circumstances of the Kennedy assassination from the Warren Commission and the American people. We have proof that there was a cover-up in the Kennedy assassination. We have proof there was a conspiracy.

Did anyone who’s been espousing the truth about the Kennedy assassination get patted on the back for standing by the truth despite people saying we were nuts? Nope. Did any of the news sources who for years ridiculed people like us and were now running articles proving we were right say anything along the lines of “sorry about that, guess you were the only sane ones all along!” ?

Of course not.

Here’s a story that sums up the nonchalant attitude people have adopted after learning that a subset of people who have been ostracized from the mainstream for over fifty years have been right all along. Someone sent me a link to an article about the CIA documents on Facebook saying something like “Hey Lee isn’t this interesting what they just discovered about the Kennedy assassination?”

Just discovered?

You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s the most ludicrous statement since Columbus “discovered” America. Tell that to the indigenous Arawak people who first encountered Chris Columbus in the West Indies in 1492 and gave him a “what the hell do you want?” look. They’ll tell you that old Chris didn’t discover shit.

Am I asking for an apology from everyone who made fun of me for running this site or a medal from the New York Times? Of course not. I don’t think I’m a genius or an ace detective for figuring this out before the CIA and the news media admitted it. If you look at the evidence in the case it’s really the only conclusion you can come to and there’s plenty of people who share my perspective. All I’m asking for is that when someone tells you something that you may not want to hear about your government, don’t act like they’re crazy. Because if history is any indication, they might just be the only sane person around.

The anniversary of JFK’s murder is often a somber one and it should be. It is one of the defining tragedies of living memory and a turning point in United States history. But on this, the 52nd anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, there is a message of hope to embrace as well. We’re not crazy, the work we’re doing is meaningful and there is still much more to be done.

Jack Kennedy’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln was once asked what JFK would have believed about his own assassination. She said one of Kennedy’s defining qualities was his curiosity and that he would have wanted to know the truth.

You and me both Jack.

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  1. “the media is embarrassed that they’ve been defending a lie for 52 years, have finally been exposed and won’t admit it.”

    That version is ridiculous. I cannot believe that you are unable to tell the difference between a person and a newspaper.

    Additionally, we know A LOT about the assassination, it has been released in installments. The 2 main sources are (1) Books and (2) The MEDIA.

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