Orphans of Camelot: A Documentary

I’m proud to announce the release of a new documentary “Orphans of Camelot”.

Unlike all the Kennedy documentaries that have come before, Orphans of Camelot isn’t about who killed President Kennedy. It’s about the impact this event has had on media, popular culture and the national consciousness. For a new generation of viewers this film will serve as a great introduction to an important historical moment. To those who lived through this tragic event, it will function as opportunity to reframe the conversation for the next fifty years.

Orphans of Camelot isn’t a murder mystery, it’s a coming of age story.

We live in the era of the 24 hour news cycle. An era where one person with a cell phone camera can have as much power and impact as any television or film studio. An era where senseless public violence is something we see on the screen every day. We also live in the era of the conspiracy theory, a time in which we do not trust the government, the media or each other.

Orphans of Camelot rewinds 50 years of film and television to the moment President Kennedy was assassinated and reveals that this was when it all began.

The film is currently a 15 minute short. If you’d like to see this as a full length film, click on the link below to donate and become part of the team!


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